Sparkling Nightmare


What is this site, even?

You've stumbled upon Sparkling Nightmare, Pixie's little internet lair of wonders. You can expect to find random generators (name, character, creature, etc.) and maybe even some character bios and other stuff... if I ever get around to it.

*disappears in a cloud of smoke and sparkles and bats and stuff* link test


9/5/23 First, layout overhauled. Not sure I'm satisfied, but I think it looks better than before, at least? I'll probably keep tweaking it. I miss you already, sheep background...

Second, original character profiles will be up soon! Not that I expect most people to care, but I always intended to create an OC repository here. I've had this site for almost 11 years now and just never did it... (let's not think about that too much).

Third, I've updated some of the generator code. It's still a WIP, and most of it is invisible, but I might rehaul some of them more radically. I also have several new ones in the works. :) You might notice some new content in the magical girl name generator, but I'm still experimenting.